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5 Best Moisturizing Body Oils to Fight Winter Skin Dryness

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Come winter, and the dry skin rears its scaly-white head demanding attention. The cold air, steam showers, and frequent heaters rob the skin of its natural moisture leaving your skin high and dry. That’s why it is essential to treat your skin kindly during bitter winters.

One of the best ways to do so is using moisturizing body oils. Body oils are the dark horse champions of moisturizing your body. Sometimes sidelined in favor of lotions, body oils have nevertheless persevered to make a comeback in the beauty industry, thanks to a unique advantage over lotions.

Why Choose Moisturizing Body Oils Over Lotions?

Moisturizing Body Oils

Our skin naturally produces oils. This means that oil is readily absorbed by our skin too. As a result, body oils have much deeper penetration than lotions. 

Secondly, body oils are plant-based. Choosing an organic body oil for moisturizing will continue paying rewards even as you grow older and your skin starts aging. 

Body oils can also give you a glamorous sheen that looks so natural. That glow is healthy and lasts long too, but you need to choose the oil carefully. We have an entire list of body oils that are great at moisturizing, but you need to decide on the oil after judging your skin type- and preferably after doing a skin patch to rule out any possibility of breakouts.

Five Moisturizing Body Oils to Fight Winter

When it comes to body oils, cold-pressed ones are always better. This is because cold-pressed oils are nutrient-dense, especially in Vitamin A and E. 

They are also free of additional fragrances and undesirable chemicals. We have got a list of the most sought-after moisturizing body oils:

1. Coconut oil

This oil does not require much introduction. Coconut oil is the ultimate champion of all oils. 

It is already widely used as hair oil and even in cooking in various parts of the world, including India and Sri Lanka. Moreover, coconut oil is perfect for dry skin as it is absorbed quickly. 

In addition, coconut oil works as a sealant- that is, it traps moisture inside the skin, which gives a youthful appearance. It also has healing properties and can be used over blemishes and scars.

Try the pure and gentle Life & Pursuits Organic Virgin Coconut Oil for best results. 

2. Jojoba oil

If there’s an oil that can be used from head to toe, it is Jojoba oil without a doubt. 

Jojoba oil is a plant-based wax, but it appears oil. The result is that it is very light on the skin while providing complete hydration. It can also provide relief from sunburns.

3. Sandalwood oil

Think luxurious spa sessions, aromatherapy, exotic Asian resorts with the fragrance you’d fall in love with. That’s sandalwood oil for you. Although it is a bit exotic (and slightly expensive), sandalwood oil is much sought after for its luxuriant appeal. 

However, it also has antibacterial and skin-soothing properties. Therefore, it can be used easily, even on acne-prone skin.

4. Olive oil

If we begin listing all the benefits of olive oil, we’ll run out of article space. Olive oil has been used as a moisturizing body oil for centuries. 

It is rich in antioxidants, vitamins and is feather-light on the skin. The antioxidants in olive oil can repair the damaged skin undergoes every day due to pollution. It is especially beneficial for dry skin.

5. Turmeric body oil

The many benefits of turmeric have been cited in Indian Ayurvedic texts. Turmeric is a natural antiseptic, potent antioxidant, and has other healing properties. 

In addition, turmeric body oil works magically on blemishes and scars and is excellent for removing undesirable tanning. You can try Life and Pursuits’ turmeric body oil. It’s safe and organic.

However, it is essential to be careful about the type of oil you are using. Anything containing artificially added fragrance or synthetic compounds is more likely to harm you than deliver on the promise of silky soft skin.

But, if you wonder how to differentiate between a good product and a harmful one (because they all look the same), we are here to give you a few pointers.

  1. Always read the ingredients label on the back. If anything sounds like it is manufactured in a lab, you should put it back on the shelf.
  2. Look out for organic certifications.

 For example, the USDA Organic is the official organic program created by the USA government that does a thorough checking of whether products claiming to be organic are organic or not. NATRUE works on a similar principle for UK markets.

Companies like Life & Pursuits work hard to bring authentic organic products that are toxin-free and safe for you and the environment. 

As a company, they work on sourcing ingredients responsibly and utilizing the best of Indian Ayurvedic knowledge. In addition, they adhere to the guidelines laid down by USDA and believe in maintaining complete transparency so that you as a customer know exactly what goes in the product.

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