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Go Natural and Radiate Beauty From Within

Real beauty is something that cannot quite be achieved from the various products that we apply or the frequent visits that we make to those trendy salons. Beauty lies in having a healthy and glowing skin. Something that radiates from within and is there to stay, with or without any kind of applied make-up – that’s what actually makes us beautiful.

The various beauty and fairness products in the market somehow manage to sway us by offering convenient shortcuts of turning us into some kind of a diva or a beauty pageant. They make us believe that for a beautiful and flawless skin, we must use their product ‘regularly’.

However, a word of caution here - most of those products are known to contain chemicals that are harmful for our body. These may deteriorate our skin over a period of time, trigger serious allergies, interfere with hormonal functions; lead to some genetic mutations and sometimes, may even cause cancer.

In fact, chemicals that are damaging to our body are not limited to being present in these products alone. Consuming chemically unsafe food may lower our immune system, lead to weight gain and make us more lethargic by the end of the day. Also water has been known to be the natural cleanser for our body. However, it may lead to problems such as infertility and thyroid turbulences, besides a reduced immune system, if we do not used purified water for drinking.

Henceforth, in order to stay in the pink of health, going natural is the best way to be. In fact, we don’t need to lookout for any of those beauty products when it can best be achieved naturally. For example, for a flawless, pimple-free skin, we should drink loads of water and have a nutritious and Satvik (natural) diet. Whereas water drains out toxins from our body and makes our skin look clear and clean, a nutritious, fibre-rich diet will keep our skin looking healthy and a regular workout or Yoga session will provide the necessary detox and blood circulation, thus making our skin blush.

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