Home Remedies to Counter Body Odor

Sweating is natural. It cleanses your body of toxins and regulates body temperature. It further prevents it from overheating in a hot environment or while undergoing vigorous physical toil.

Like every bodily function, sweating too comes with its share of cons along with pros. When we profusely sweat, the bacteria present on our skin begins to break down the protein present in our sweat, releasing a pungent odor. This odor is socially and commercially acknowledged as body odor.

An assortment of commercial products exist in the market, laced with harmful chemicals, that claim to get rid of body odor. They do so too, but at the expense of your skin health. Hence, it's better to stick to natural ingredients  as they ensure optimum benefits that get rid of body odor and also nourish your skin.

1. Lemon Juice

Lemon Juice lowers the skin’s pH levels, getting rid of body odor.
Lemon juice comes in handy when it comes to disposing off bacteria that cause body odor, by lowering the pH level of the skin.



  • Add two tablespoons of lemon juice to one tablespoon of organic cornstarch.
  • Apply the paste to your underarms.
  • Rinse after ten minutes.

2. Tomato Juice

Antiseptic properties of Tomato diminishes body odor.

Tomato harnesses antiseptic properties that go heavy on bad bacteria that is responsible for body odor.


  • Extract two cups of tomato juice.
  • Add it to your bath water, let it sit for 5-10 minutes.
  • Bathe with it.

3. Tea

Take caution to not overuse tea as it makes your skin extremely dry.

Tea comprises of tannins – that prevent sweating by keeping your skin dry.


  • Add green tea leaves to boiling water.
  • Allow it to cool and then strain it.
  • Apply to sweat-prone areas.

The above-mentioned ingredients are not only easily available but also are efficient in getting rid of body odor. Hence, they should be preferred over bottled chemical products that cause nothing but harm to your skin. Choose Organic, live natural.

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