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Organic baby products use ingredients that have been used in age old practices and have proven therapeutic benefits, received very well by the skin.

Parenting is a double-edged sword that brings with it, its share of responsibilities as well as joys. Budgeting is a part that is unavoidable when it comes to baby care, considering the kind of expenses we have - ranging from mandatory vaccines to the paediatrician visits.

In order to ensure long-term ‘realization of the best’ for your baby, every expense has to be rationed out.

Parents are often compelled to make a choice regarding food, clothing, bedding, skin care products, toys, baby care products etc. While we never compromise on what’s best – how do you determine where to draw a line?

Along with organic clothes, healthy food and more, it is equally important to shell out extra bucks for an organic range of new born baby products. Read on, to understand why.

1. Your Baby Has A Tender Skin

We don’t have to tell you this but babies have the most fragile and vulnerable skin. It cannot be subjected to just about anything because of the possible ill-effects that’ll show up in the longer run. Natural ingredients & organic products are the best to keep any kind of damages at bay. The protective layers of a newborn’s skin are developed much later. It is strongly recommended to use only the gentlest, fragrance-free and tear-free products on your baby’s body.

2. Organic Needs To Start Pre Birth

A commonly overlooked fact is that the baby starts deriving all nutrition from the mother’s body in the pre-natal stage itself. Your body lotions & skincare products are like food for your skin as they get deeply absorbed by your body. In case you are using products containing harmful toxins or artificial flavors, it has a direct impact on the development of your little one. Prevention is way better than cure; thus, the foundation of an all-organic baby care routine needs to be laid even before the baby’s actual arrival.

3. Look For The Real Deal

It only makes sense if you are dropping an extra penny from your pocket on authentic products. A lot of products that claim to be natural or derived from natural ingredients are a far cry from being all natural and organic. Thankfully, there are regulatory bodies like the USDA, which provide certifications to truly organic products after they have undergone a careful scrutiny, ensuring that all the steps of being a real organic product are followed.

4. Toxic Load

We are looking at a consumerist boom in the domain of skincare products that relies on toxic chemicals, flavors et al. In order to ensure that the most appealing products reach out to the consumers at a cheaper cost, a lot of false claims and promises are employed.

5. Local Reactions

Most artificial chemicals that the synthetic products comprise are alien for the virgin & sensitive skin of a baby. The resulting ill-effects of such products can be rashes, inflammation, bumps, baby acne and other dermatological issues.

6. It’s Natural, after all

Most of the constituents that are used in organic baby products are ingredients that have been used in age old practices. For E.g.: sunflower oil, aloe vera, rose etc. These ingredients have proven therapeutic benefits and are received very well, by the skin.

We hope that considering the above factors would help you take a decision of switching to ‘real organic’ and adopt a truly natural wellness for your baby. Take a step further to ensure organic first steps!

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