Role of Five Natural Elements on Human Life and Wellness

This is universal veracity that the five nature elements viz. sky, air, fire, water and earth are the prime purpose of human existence. Our constitutional and fundamental powers are based on these five basic elements called as Panchamahabhootas.

The five basic elements have the precise and vital part play in our life and wellbeing.  This is because our body, mind and soul are collectively associated as well as affected by these elements.

We are nourished with food from the Earth, and eventually, our body returns to the earth. Water is life-sustaining nectar for us, which makes up more than 70% of our total body mass. Fire represents the body heat and radiant energy and exists in all metabolic and chemical actions. Air flows throughout the body, helps all biological functions and feeds every cell with oxygen. Space is ever-present in the background, providing the other elements with an opportunity to interact.

Imbalance in these Natural elements in one’s body shows up as signs of some disease.

Imbalance of these Five Elements and related Diseases: 


Imbalance leads to water related diseases such as cold, asthma, swellings, blood thinning or blood clotting, problem of urination.


Imbalance leads to weakness, obesity, cholesterol, weight loss and weight gain, bones or muscular diseases etc.


Imbalance leads to coldness, skin diseases, imbalance of cold and heat in body, loss of vital energy, acidity, diabetes, and mental disorders.


Imbalance leads to nervous disorders, blood pressure problems, lung disorders, physical pains/deformities, depression, etc.


Imbalance leads to thyroid disorders, throat problems, speech problems, neurological diseases, idiocy mental disorder, ear diseases, etc.

By understanding and balancing the basic elements, we can have a healthy mind, body and soul. The Natural therapies like Yoga and Pranayama as well as imbibing Natural diet and lifestyle helps invariably to restore health and balance these five natural elements within body.

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