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Should You Apply Body Oil After Showering?

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As winter is here: to apply body oil after a shower or before a shower, that is the question, isn’t it? To many, the answer has been a whirlwind of different opinions. 

Some say body oil is best applied before showering, and some say it must be used post-showers. No matter opinions, or whether you apply body oil before showers, or after, the fact remains: oils are an essential skincare routine during winters. 

Good body oils act as layover agents and seal the moisture within the skin and prevent it from drying. Body oils also deliver much-needed nutrients for the skin. 

We know the question is still unanswered. So, let’s dive deeper and see the benefits of both cases. 

Myriad Benefits of After-Shower Body Oils

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Applying body oils, post-showers have a lot of benefits. Take a look at some of them below: 

  • Seals the moisture
  • Applying body oil after a shower can help the skin repair itself from dryness. Hence, it can stay hydrated for longer. Body oils after showers work as a hydration lock-in mechanism for the skin after hot showers and cold weather.

  • Instills antioxidants
  • A good after-shower body oil assists in instilling antioxidants on the body. The presence of antioxidants can significantly protect the skin from aging and the harmful effects of sun damage.

  • Radiance for the skin
  • Applying an after-shower body oil laden with the right kind of ingredients can help you achieve shinier skin. So try incorporating body oils after a shower just in case you are fed up with the dullness of your skin due to daily brush with the polluted environment and piping hot showers.

  • Get rid of stretch marks
  • Now, stretch marks are a ubiquitous problem around the globe as a natural effect of the ever-changing human body. For instance, this new wave of physical fitness, albeit great for health, can lead to stretch marks. So nowadays, after-shower body oil comes with constituents that aid in the reduction and lightening of stretch marks.

  • Softens the skin
  • After-shower body oil moisturizes the skin. As an upshot, this softens the skin keeping it smooth and glowing. 

  • Suitable for all genders
  • The oils don’t discriminate. Thus, you can inculcate all the major benefits equally for all–gender and sex are no-bar. Hence, anybody can avail of these benefits without a second thought.

    These were some of the best benefits of applying body oil after showering. Now, let's see:

    Benefits of Applying Body Oil Before Shower

    According to experts, applying body oil before showering has its benefits, which for some may be more beneficial than slathering body oil post-shower. 

    The reason behind this is: if you’re prone to piping hot showers during winters, chances are that your skin is left bereft of its natural moisture barrier due to the hot waters. 

    In such cases, applying body oil before showers generates a barrier between your skin and the hot waters (oils are occlusive agents) and prevents the body’s natural moisture from evaporating faster after the hot water has dried off. 

    But there is one word of caution if you’re applying body oils before showering: ensure there is a bath mat to prevent accidents from slipping off!   

    Now that you know the benefits of applying body oil both ways, let's see:

    What Makes a Good After-Shower Body Oil?

    Below are some pointers to judge an after-shower body oil:

    • Is it non-toxic?
    • Is it organic-certified by the recognized organizations or programs?
    • Does it have the right ingredients with full disclosure?
    • Is it budget-friendly?

    If most of the answers to the above questions are ‘yes,’ then it is best to opt for that after-shower body oil. 

    Is there a Perfect Time to Apply Body Oils?

    As far as the correct time to apply the body oils is concerned, there is a reason we are calling it ‘after- shower.’ This is because the preferred time for its application should be after-shower when the body is a little wet. 

    This is the time when its benefits will accentuate. Otherwise, it is mostly safe and advantageous to apply at any time, according to individual preference.

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