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Why Facial Oils Are The Absolute Skincare Must-haves For Men

Men Facial Oil

The benefits of facial oils for skin health and texture can never be appreciated enough because of their inherent moisturizing and nourishing qualities, making them a skincare staple for men and women alike. 

Generally a blend of natural and organically processed oils, facial oils are specially formulated to condition the skin and replenish its natural moisture while also combating wrinkles and aging. With a soothing, refreshing fragrance and lighter consistency, facial oils are easily absorbed into the skin, keeping it refreshed, glowing, and healthy. 

Five Reasons Why Men Need To Use Facial Oils

No one can escape the harmful effects of pollution or the gradual cycle of aging and the resultant skin loosening. Although the texture of men’s skin is firmer than that of women, it is only a matter of time before the skin barrier weakens, leaving it prone to harmful bacteria and degeneration. 

Let’s discuss five reasons why men need to include face oils in their skincare regimen. 

1. Moisturizes the Skin 

Moisturizing is the one quality that has been extolled repeatedly and rightfully so because when compared to other lotions and gels, facial oils last longer and make the skin plump and fuller.  

2. Protects from Pollution And Damage 

Facial oils have antibacterial properties that act as a barrier between your skin and the harmful environmental pollutants that damage it. Oils strengthen skin integrity and fight against harmful sun rays. 

3. Improves Texture 

Men’s Face Oils like Life and Pursuits Saffron Face Oil, are infused with Vitamin C and Turmeric that brightens skin and improves texture. Saffron oil is a nourishing blend of ingredients like Saffron, Vitamin C, and Turmeric Extract, which are excellent for enhancing skin health and making it dewy, supple, soft, and free of damage and deterioration.

4. Long-Lasting Nourishment 

Facial oils are packed with nutrients and vitamins that provide deep nourishment, and therefore, a small amount of your favorite facial oil can achieve what multiple layers of lotions can’t. Facial oils like Saffron Face Oil and Bakuchi Face Oil by Life and Pursuits are a nutritious blend of natural and organically sourced oils like olive, pomegranate, extracts of turmeric, and natural retinol that provide adequate protection to the skin while giving it a natural glow. 

Bakuchiol promotes cell renewal and boosts collagen production, while Saffron is well-known for its skin lightening properties by providing adequate sun protection and fighting hyperpigmentation. These active ingredients, when coupled with other natural extracts, repair and replenish skin cells and strengthen skin elasticity. 

5. Multiple Uses

Men’s face oils can be used to condition beards before shaving and as a moisturizer to soothe the skin after shaving. Facial oils help give a closer shave since it becomes easier for razors to work on a smooth beard, and when used as an after-shave, face oils help soothe any irritation and redness.

Men’s Face Oils by Life and Pursuits    

At Life and Pursuits, our mission is to promote wellness and beauty with products that combine the eternal wisdom of Ayurveda and strict scientific standards for an organic and healthy way of life.  

All our products are certified by the USDA and NATRUE, two of the most stringent organic certifications for the ingredients and processes used in skincare/haircare products. 

Our haircare, skincare, and babycare range cater to various skin and hair issues like dullness and dryness while offering numerous benefits for overall skin health and integrity. 

In our facial care segment, men’s face oils are available to enhance skin texture by moisturizing the skin and reducing hyperpigmentation.


Saffron Face Oil 

  • With the combined goodness of Vitamin C and turmeric, Saffron face oil is an excellent facial care product for skin brightening and glow.  
  • Dabbing a few drops of Saffron face oil as a moisturizer will provide deep nourishment to the skin and heal blemishes and sun damage. 
  • Key ingredients include Saffron, Vitamin C, Turmeric Extract, Pomegranate Oil, Olive Squalane, Apricot Oil.
  • Olive Squalane is a non-comedogenic and lightweight oil that provides adequate moisture and improves skin tone. 
  • Pomegranate oil is rich in fatty acids that reverse skin damage and promote collagen production while Apricot oil is excellent for improving texture and radiance. 


Bakuchi Face Oil

  • A combination of Bakuchiol, Natural Retinol, Pomegranate Oil, Olive Squalane, and Apricot Oil, Bakuchi Face oil is among the best men’s face oils because Bakuchiol, an ancient plant-based ingredient, a gentler form of retinol, is great for all skin types.  
  • Natural Retinol gradually heals acne and skin breakouts by balancing hydration levels and fighting against sun damage and sagging. 
  • By improving skin elasticity and firmness, Bakuchi face oil is ideal for skin-repairing and anti-aging. 
  • Dousing yourself in Bakuchi Face oil in ideal doses would significantly improve skin tone and reduce skin inflammations and pigmentation. 


Most facial oils are nutrient-dense, light-weight, and easily absorbed into the skin. Men’s skin, though firmer, are still prone to pigmentation and sun damage. Including men’s face oils like Saffron Face Oil and Bakuchi Face Oil in your skincare routine would minimize damage and replenish your skin, leaving it glowing and deeply nourished.

Face oils are gaining popularity because of their suitability across all skin types. Face oils by Life and Pursuits are some of the best skincare products for both men and women as they're based on the principles of natural science. 

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