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5 Ways Bhringraj Oil Can Give You Beautiful, Healthy Hair

Bhringraj Oil

The herb Bhringraj’s nickname — ’kesharaj’ means the ‘ruler of hair’, and no wonder it comes from the fact that this little plant has been Ayurvedic medicine’s most potent hair treatment for millennia

Whether you struggle with dandruff and hair loss or simply want to make your hair softer and shinier, bhringraj oil can be your powerful go-to solution.

Benefits of Bhringraj Oil for Hair

Bhringraj Hair Oil

You’ll find many, many products that claim to transform your hair in a single wash. But Bhringraj oil is different. 

Instead of merely making your hair look better for a few days by smoothening it with silicone or covering it with peroxide-based dyes, this oil seeps into your body, giving it precisely what it needs from within.

Here’s precisely what Bhingraj oil can do within as little as two weeks:

1. Treats dandruff and dry scalp

Bhringraj has excellent antimicrobial and antifungal properties. In addition, its ability to reduce inflammation makes it the perfect product to treat dandruff and associated conditions like psoriasis. 

Bhringraj oil also has a high specific gravity, meaning that it is very dense and concentrated. This density allows it to sink in deeper, nourishing and moisturizing the scalp and hair shaft.

2. Reduces hair fall and promotes growth

Stress is one of the primary causes of temporary and permanent hair loss and even premature balding. While it is imperative to address the factors that cause such extreme stress in your life, regular Bhringraj oil massages are a fantastic stress buster.

In Ayurvedic medicine, Bhringraj balances the ‘doshas’ or bodily energies, including the ‘pitta dosha,’ characterized by heat and causes stress. It does this by producing a calming, cooling sensation when massaged into the scalp. 

It also contains magnesium, which positively affects sleep quality and patterns, and overall mood, both of which are very important for reducing stress.

Though the effectiveness of Bhringraj for hair fall in humans has not been conclusively proven, a 2008 study on rats found that it did increase the number of hair follicles on their bodies. 

Bhringaraj oil proved to be even more effective than minoxidil, the synthetic treatment for hair loss usually prescribed today.

The massages will also stimulate blood flow at the hair root and activate the follicles, while the oil will deliver essential nutrients to it, encouraging the growth of new and old hair.

3. Hides grays

Two of Bhringraj oil’s most potent active ingredients, haritaki, and jatamansi, lock in hair’s natural pigment and preserve its color. 

Bhringraj also has natural darkening properties that can help your hair simply appear darker. It can be beneficial as a gentle, natural dye for transitioning from dark to grey hair.

4. Fights scalp infections

Bhringraj’s anti-inflammatory properties can help it soothe irritated skin all over the body, including on the scalp. From boils to psoriasis to dermatitis, Bhringraj oil can kill undesirable microbes, calm down angry, sensitive skin and quench it with its hydrating properties.

5. Makes hair glossy and soft

Dry, rough, and brittle hair can be an absolute nightmare, but you don’t need to deal with it by always keeping it tied up in a knot anymore. 

Natural Bhringraj oil, especially in combination with other activities like amla extract, will do far more to give you hair that feels softer and more lustrous than any synthetic conditioner or hair mask can make.

How Should You Apply Bhringraj Oil on Hair?

You must warm Bhringraj oil by rubbing your palms together and then apply gently by massaging the oil onto the scalp with fingers for best results. Then you must leave it on for a few hours and thoroughly shampoo the hair to rinse away the oil residue. 

But remember, your results will only be as good as your product. If you’re not careful, you might end up choosing an oil that only claims to be “all-natural” but is filled to the brim with artificial ingredients with only a tiny pinch of real Bringadi to justify the name. 

Life & Pursuits is different. Our organic Bhringraj oil, on the other hand, is USDA certified as being made of 99% organic ingredients. With the added goodness of Amla and Hibiscus in a base of nourishing oils like coconut, it’s sure to deliver to you the full potential of the miraculous Bhringhraj.

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