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Fight the Battle Against Hair Loss with Onion Hair Oil

Onion Hair Oil

Have you noticed that you're shedding your hair more than usual these days? While long lustrous tresses are a result of a balanced and healthy diet, enough sleep, and proper hair care, these habits are not easy to build. But, there are some other ways to combat hair loss, one of which is onion juice.

Today, we'll discuss onion hair oil, which has been gaining popularity due to its plethora of benefits. Do you want to know more? Keep on reading.

Onion Hair Oil in Ayurveda to Fight Hair Loss

Before we get into the plethora of benefits and ways to incorporate onions into your hair care routine, let's take a look at onion hair oil's ayurvedic roots. Red onion (Allium cepa) is used both as food and medicinal herb in Ayurvedic regimes. The bulbs, seeds, and leaves have high potency and can be used to treat a variety of ailments.

Onion is used to treat urinary disorders, dental caries, diabetes, and worms, according to Ayurvedic texts like Sushruta Samhita and Bhava Prakash. Onion and shallots have also been shown to help with hair loss and baldness.

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Surprising Onion Hair Oil Benefits:

Organic Onion Hair Oil

Let's look at the hair care benefits of onion oil in more detail:

1.    Boosts Hair Growth

For a long time, onion hair oil has been linked to thicker, longer hair. Regular application of onion hair oil activates certain inactive enzymes on the scalp and promotes growth of new hair strands, making it a boon for thinning hair that are prone to hair fall and hair loss. Sulfur and potassium-rich onion hair oil improves hair growth while protecting it from breakage, split ends, and thinning.

Onion oil massaged into the scalp improves blood circulation to the follicles and encourages hair growth. 

2.    Maintains Hair Health

Onion hair oil contains the aforementioned properties and nutrients, which can help not only with hair growth but also with scalp infections. Onion hair oil treats lice infestations as well as fungal and bacterial infections of the scalp.

This oil also acts as a deep conditioner and can be used in a hair mask before shampooing.

3.    Prevents Premature Graying

There are numerous reasons why your hair may be graying at such a young age. Certain nutritional deficiencies, stress, medical conditions, or even your genetics could be to blame. Onion oil is high in essential vitamins and minerals, which can help prevent premature graying. It contains an enzyme known as catalase, which, when activated, aids in the reducing premature graying.

To prevent premature graying of your hair, apply a mixture of onion oil and lemon juice to your scalp.

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4.    Ideal to be used as a Natural Conditioner

You usually apply a conditioner after you've finished shampooing, but did you know that conditioning your hair before washing prevents the shampoo from stripping the moisture from your scalp?

Before washing your hair, massage your head with onion oil on a regular basis, to act as a natural conditioner. If you have dry or frizzy hair, this will be extremely beneficial, and it will also promote hair growth.

5.    Balances the pH Level of Hair

Did you know that the pH of your hair is slightly acidic? While seven is considered neutral on the pH scale, anything below it is acidic, and anything above it is alkaline. Your scalp should have a pH of around 5.5, and your hair should have a pH of around 3.5.

The use of certain products or treatments can alter the pH of hair, causing it to become more alkaline. Onion oil applied to the scalp and hair can help to naturally maintain pH levels, resulting in a nourished and balanced scalp.

6.    Treats Dandruff Problems

Dandruff is an extremely common problem that can be quite bothersome. Dandruff in the hair can cause hair to become unhealthy and fall out.

Onion oil has a number of antibacterial and antiseptic properties that help to prevent dandruff and, as a result, treat a variety of scalp infections. These properties also aid in strengthening your hair and increasing its density.

How to Use Onion Oil Effectively?

Onion oil can be applied to the hair in two ways: with or without heat. Simply take a few drops of pure onion oil and massage it into your entire scalp for 15-20 minutes if you don't want to heat it. Don't use too much pressure, and make sure the oil is thoroughly absorbed into the scalp. After two to three hours, wash your hair with a mild shampoo.

To use the hot oil treatment, combine the onion oil with a carrier oil such as almond or olive oil and heat it to a lukewarm temperature. Apply this mixture to your scalp as well as your hair's length. It's best to leave this on your hair overnight and wash it out the next day.

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